International Relations Directorate

International Relations Directorate

IZMIR TINAZTEPE UNIVERSITESI gives great importance on familiarizing undergraduates and researchers with European needs by informing and encouraging them to participate in possible collaborations. The students are given the necessary information on the importance of ECHE application and the opportunities of Erasmus Program. The University is well committed to support the students and the staff whom will benefit from the European Experience.

The University is willing to update the existing curriculum and extend the classes both in theory and practice in English starting from Fall 2021 as 30 % more lectures being covered in English.

Izmir Tinaztepe University aims to establish quality, industry relavant postgraduate programs to confront the needs of. knowledge based labor market and requirements of SMEs.

Studying and working abroad are considered to be a valuable tool to increase the student s and the employees professional, social, intercultural skills and employability

The University stands out as the only health theme based higher education institute with good infra-structure equipped with modern technologies and e learning. IZTU runs a center for Long life Learning and runs courses for public. IZTU is the only Medical and Health Sciences University in the region that owns its own hospitals to offer internship and possible employment after graduation.

Izmir Tinaztepe University is committed to provide education and home for the exchange students and staff in Erasmus Program.

Great importance is given to visibility. All agreements, applications and selection procedures shall be followed by the rules of National Agency. The announcements shall be advertised on university s website and department boards

The University shall ensure high quality in mobility activities and the recognition of credits gained abroad .effective use of ECTS and Diploma Supplement and linking qualifications to the European Qualifications Framework.

IZTU Izmir Tinaztepe Universitesi is committed to follow the mobility and collaboration projects in a non-discriminative and equal style for all participants from all different backgrounds regardless ethnic culture, sexual orientation, religion and physically challenged. The selection of students and the staff and allocation of grants shall be made in just, transoarent, coherent and documented fashion.

IZTU will aim to continue to be a green campus providing smoke and drugs free environment.

Izmir Tinaztepe University shall also aim to form effective ties between education, research and business. It shall motivate the developmental of entrepreneurial, creative and innovative skills in all disciplines and support the innovation by interactive learning environment and strengthen the knowledge and technology transfer

Izmir Tinaztepe University is a Foundation University based on nonprofit legal entity. The scale of funding required to sustain and expand high quality higher education systems may require to necessitate additional sources of funding through industrial projects, LLC run courses and international summer schools for potential candidates and IZTU Turkish Teaching Courses to achieve financial sustainability.