Staff Mobility for Training

Staff Mobility for Training

Staff Training Mobility

Staff training mobility is a field of activity that enables any staff employed in an ECHE-holding higher education institution in Turkey to receive training in one of the Program-related countries. Within the scope of this activity, it is possible for the person to receive various trainings (such as on-the-job trainings, observation processes) in order to improve their skills in the subjects related to their current job. Within the scope of personnel training mobility, it is also possible for the staff employed in an ECHE-holding higher education institution to go to an ECHE-holding higher education institution or related institution to receive training. Organizations to go to for training; businesses, education centers, research centers, chambers and associations of commerce, schools, foundations, non-profit organizations, career guidance organizations, professional counseling and guidance organizations, higher education institutions and other organizations specified in the Erasmus+ Program Guide. In this framework, what is meant by an eligible enterprise is any private or public institution/organization and any enterprise engaged in any economic activity, including social economy, regardless of their size, legal status and the economic sector in which they operate. Staff training is a full-time activity and grants are paid for full-time training. Therefore, in the Staff Mobility for Training, the training program should be specified on a daily basis.

At least 2 consecutive days excluding travel in mobility with Program-related countries; Minimum of 5 consecutive days in mobility with countries not associated with the program. In both cases, the maximum duration of the activity is 2 months. In staff training mobility, if the beneficiary's participation certificate is carried out for less than 2 days except for force majeure, the activity is considered invalid and no grant payment is made to the beneficiary. Provided that the force majeure can be documented, the activities for which the minimum period cannot be completed are accepted; Grant is given for the time spent and travel expenses are paid according to the distance calculator. Before an event or situation is considered force majeure, the Center should be contacted.

The grant given to the staff who will benefit from the teaching mobility is a contribution, and the grant is not intended to cover all the expenses related to the period spent abroad. Regarding the amount of grant to be given to the personnel, the alternatives offered to the higher education institution are included in the standard contract text that must be signed between the higher education institution and the personnel. The application to be made on the amount of the grant should be announced to the target audience and applied to all staff in the same way.

Daily Grant Amounts by Destination Countries The daily amount to be given to the staff who will benefit from staff mobility is calculated by taking into account the amounts stated in the table below, according to the country of destination and the period of travel;


Country Groups

Receiving Countries

Daily Grant (Euro)

1. Group Countries

Denmark, Finland, İreland, Sweden, İceland, Liechteinstein, Luxemburg, Norway,

Region 14 Countries


2. Group Countries

Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Nederlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece,

Region 13 Countires


3. Group Countries

Bulgaria, Czech Republic,Estonia, Crotia, Northern Macedonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania,Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey


Other Countries

Region 1-12 Countries


* It is used only for staff invited to teach from a foreign business or higher education institution that does not hold an ECHE.

 ** In staff mobility activities that last longer than 14 days; For the 15th and later days, 70% of the daily grant amount given above should be taken as a daily basis. No grant payment is made for days that do not include any activity or that cannot be documented in accordance with the type of activity carried out.

Travel Expense Calculations

The amount of travel expenses to be paid to the personnel benefiting from the staff mobility activity should be calculated using the "Distance Calculator". The distance calculator is available at the link below: 

Through the distance calculator, the km value between two points from the place where the personnel is settled to the place of activity should be determined and the travel grant should be calculated using the table below. The number of kilometers in the distance calculator is the round-trip figure in return for the grant in the table below, and the amount in question is not multiplied by two. The transfer of the staff does not affect the distance reached by the distance calculation mentioned above.


Travel Distances

In case of standard travel (Euro)

  In case of green travel (Euro)

10 ila 99 KM arasında



100 ila 499 KM arasında



500 ila 1999 KM arasında



2000 ila 2999 KM arasında



3000 ila 3999 KM arasında



4000 ila 7999 KM arasında



8000 KM veya daha fazla