Buddy Program

Buddy Program

If you want to become a Buddy for our foreign students who have started their education at İzmir Tınaztepe University and come with our foreign student exchange programs, please read the text below carefully.

Who is a Volunteer "Buddy" Student, What Does He Do?

You don't have to be experienced to be a buddy, you just need to be willing.

Buddy student voluntarily fully supports international students who come to İzmir Tınaztepe University not only within the university but also in social life.

Our biggest expectation from you is your work yourself to helping them putting in place of international students coming to Turkey.

Thanks to the Buddy Program, you can communicate with international students, learn different cultures, promote your own culture and promote cultural integration and improve your foreign language skills. Thanks to the experience you have gained, when you go abroad as a student, you will have an idea of ​​what you will need in a different country and you can make friends from all over the world.

Basic tasks of the volunteer "Buddy" students:

Providing support for the Orientation Day to be organized by the International Relations Office

Assisting incoming students to reach the city center from the airport

Helping to register a phone and purchase a sim card

Helping find accommodation

Helping with course choices

Assisting in residence procedures and insurance transactions

Helping about life and campus facilities in IZTU

Exchange students, who will come from the students who are selected as Buddy for the exchange student, are expected to be in Izmir as of the date of arrival in Izmir and meet the student from the airport. If you are not going to be in Izmir on the future date of the exchange student, we request you to inform us at buddy@tinaztepe.edu.tr to assign a new Buddy to the relevant student.

Volunteer "Buddy" Program is run by Izmir Tınaztepe University International Relations Office.

How can you apply to become a "buddy"?

Please click to fill the Buddy application form tıklayınız