Incoming Staff

Incoming Staff

Incoming academic/administrative staff mobility

Academic staff who want to come to our University within the scope of teaching mobility from universities abroad should first make sure that there is an inter-institutional agreement between their university and our University covering teaching mobility. There is no such obligation for administrative staff who want to come within the scope of training mobility.

Academicians/administrative staff who want to visit our university within this scope must first apply to the Erasmus office of their university and then contact the Erasmus Office of our university in order to benefit from the program. For this, it is sufficient to send an e-mail to .

The departmental coordinator or unit manager is informed and approval is obtained about the mobility. Afterwards, with the help of the deparmental coordinator, the dates and the program are determined and the Teaching/Training Mobility Form is filled mutually.

An official “Invitation Letter” is prepared by the Erasmus Office and sent to the academic or administrative staff who will carry out the mobility.

After the completion of the mobility, a “Confirmation Letter” is prepared for the incoming staff and is given before their departure.