Outgoing Student for Traineeship

Outgoing Student for Traineeship


To Do Before the Mobility:

An appointment will be requested by sending an e-mail to erasmus@tinaztepe.edu.tr (all students must come to the International Relations Office to sign the erasmus+ learning mobility agreement by making an appointment) with the documents below;

  1. A) Invitation Letter
  2. B) Learning Agreement for Traineeship (LA)
  3. C) Decision of the Board of Directors
  4. D) Current English Transcript
  5. E) Euro Current Account (original and photocopy)
  6. F) Visa (original and photocopy)
  7. G) Health Insurance, Travel Insurance (with a minimum guarantee of 30.000 Euro and including the phrase “outpatient treatment”), Personal Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance
  8. H) Online Language Support (OLS) outbound exam result printout

(You must have a copy of all the documents you submit to our unit)

  • Erasmus+ Learning Mobility Agreement must be signed in the International Relations Unit.
  • An “Erasmus Student Charter” must be obtained from the International Relations Unit.
  • 70% of the tuition grant is deposited into the given Euro account.

To do During Mobility In The First One Month:

  1. a) If there are any changes in the courses taken, the changes made on the LA should be approved by writing to the “during the mobility” section, in consultation with the department coordinator. Afterwards, the Board of Directors decision regarding the changes should be taken.

The final version of the LA should be sent to the International Relations Unit by e-mail.

To Do Before Returning After the Mobility is Completed:

The “Confirmation of Stay” section indicating the start and end dates of the mobility or the “after the mobility” section in LA must be filled in and approved by the receiving institution.

To Do After Returning:

Appointments should be requested by sending an e-mail to erasmus@tinaztepe.edu.tr . The documents that must be submitted to the International Relations Unit in order to complete the return process and receive the remaining 30% of the grant are as follows:

  1. a) Transcript (or after mobility) showing the success from receiving institution
  2. b) If there is a course change, the completed version of LA
  3. c) If there is a course change, the decision of the Board of Directors
  4. d) Original passport and photocopy of entry and exit dates
  5. e) Online Language Support (OLS) return exam result printout
  6. g) Confirmation of completion of the online AB questionnaire sent via e-mail (no printout)
  • If 2/3 of the total credits of the courses taken abroad is successful, the remaining part of the grant

30% is entitled. If not, the failure situation will be evaluated by the International Relations Unit and either the rest of the grant will not be paid or a refund can be requested.