Application Criteria

Application Criteria

Erasmus Application Criteria

  • Being a full-time student enrolled in a higher education program in any of the formal education levels (first, second or third level) within the body of the higher education institution;
  • The cumulative academic grade point average of the first level students is at least 2.20 / 4.00 60/100
  • The cumulative academic grade point average of second and third grade students is at least 2.50 / 4.00.

Important notes

The most recent transcript received by the student is used to determine the grade point average. Although it is essential to use the current transcript given by the higher education institution of which Erasmus elections are made,

- The graduation grade obtained in the previous higher education level is used for the students who applied for the first semester at the master's and doctoral level and have not yet formed a transcript in the higher education institution where the election has been made.

Similarly, for students who have transferred from another higher education institution by horizontal or vertical transfer, the grade point averages in the last transcript of the higher education institution they came from are taken into consideration.

How to Apply?

  • Student Learning Mobility and Internship Mobility Applications are received at the beginning of the spring semester every year.
  • Application conditions, application calendar and foreign language exam dates and their results are announced by the Erasmus Exam Commission via the ERASMUS Web Page.
  • Before applying, the application conditions and announcement should be carefully examined.